Wind Turbine Parts

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Torsional Flexibility & Misalignment Adaptability
composite cd couplingStromag flexible couplings offered by SIME transmit torque efficiently and reliably. Off-the-shelf or custom couplings transmit power and torque in almost any adverse conditions.
Up to 600,000 Newtons of Brake Force
high speed rotor brakeHigh speed shafts require high torque and proven design to withstand the huge momentum in gear box systems. Trust SIME to select the proper linings to meet your temperature, stopping time, and wear requirements.
Hydraulic Power for Turn Key Systems
hydraulic power packHydraulic power packs supplied to meet customer and regulatory specifications. Standard or custom systems available.
Geared Cams Simplify Monitoring Twist
Yaw Drive Limit SwitchEasily indicate and monitor nacelle movement with SIME switches with optional digital converter attachments.
Powerful Brakes in Maintainable Packages
SIME Brakes on Yaw MotionSIME Brake designs feature built in maintainability characteristics to lower the cost of ownership of your system.
Reliability – Performance – Safety
SIME Brakes on Low Speed ShaftTrust SIME to design the right brake for your application: from design to proto to production, we engineer our brakes to perform to your system response needs.
Monitor & Control with SIME Products
Limit Switch for PitchCam switches accurately and repeatedly measure pitch angle. These cam switches provide high reliability in a rugged package.